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Differences Between Heat Gun and Hair Dryer

Surprisingly heat gun and hair dryer work in the same way, but the final output is different. Both have a heating coil and a fan inside the frame where a universal motor powers the fan. The fan produces air flow by connecting through the electricity. However, the coil determines the hot or warm air which […]

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Brad Nailer vs. Finish Nailer

Do you have to do some upgrades around your home? If yes, do you know some of the tools you will need? You are most likely to shop for either brad nailer or finish nailer. And what if you don’t have enough cash and you only want to buy just one? Which one should you first go […]

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Single vs. Double Bevel Miter Saw | Everybody Should Learn It

Having the right tool for the work is one step ahead of producing a remarkable result in any woodworking project. Therefore, to have an impressive achievement, especially when you need to cut through wood during furniture making, you need to have the right type of saw. Among the saw you will need is a miter saw. However, […]

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Polycyclic vs. Polyurethane

Have a woodworking project and thinking about how to make it look best and last long? Well, you need to apply a finish coat that is shiny for your wood product to look best and it should also be waterproof to protect against the impact of water for durability. There are so many finish coats that can […]

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Differences between MDF and MDO

MDO stands for Medium Density Overlay whereas MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard. These are types of wood panels. At what time of choosing wood materials, the question arises on the best wood materials to use. When it comes to plywood, there are many types out in the market today, but I’ll do a comparison between […]

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Radial Arm Saw vs. Table Saw | What are their differences?

Do you know that a table and radial arm saw possess many things in common? Do you know that they perform many applications accurately and reliably? However, like all artisans, every tool and machine has a speciality, something that makes it better than the other; the table and radial arm saw are no exception to this […]

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