Wet Saw VS Tile Cutter. Which is Right for Me?

Are you planning to decorate your floor, bathroom/ kitchen wall, or other areas? If so, we appreciate you. Tiling is an excellent way of giving an amazing look to your interior environment.

However, definitely, many necessary tools and things are needed to complete the task. But you need to cut the tiles precisely according to your needs. It is mandatory. You have two options; tile cutter and wet saw. Which do you use?

Ok, fine, you have both, but their using purposes are not the same in all cases. How do you understand which tool is best for which purpose? We are going to write this content to disclose all about this debate. This guide will tell you which should you choose wet saw vs tile cutter for the best result.

Types of Tile

You may think about why we are talking about the different types of tiles before explaining the best use of tile cutter and wet saw. Right? Your thinking is very much right. Well, we are talking about the tile types because it helps you greatly to take the right decision to use the best tile cutting tool. Let’s see how!

Usually, the types are stone, ceramic, porcelain, clay, and many more. But the most common types are the clay, ceramic, and porcelain tile.

Ceramic tiles are made of clay, water, and sand. At the same time, the denser type of clay is the composition of the porcelain tile. Furthermore, clay tiles are entirely made clay. Just keep these things in mind it will help you to choose the right tool you need.

Wet Saw

A wet saw is an excellent tile cutting tool that can deliver you the smooth tile cutting experience and definitely the best result. It has the ability to cut tiles to the advanced level. It uses electricity to apply its power. Its design is created in such a way to rotate the blade to perform the angle cut. It also allows slicing through different tile materials.

The wet saw looks like a table saw which uses water to minimize the friction and reduce the chance of breaking the tile. It can even be used to cut curved tiles.

If you want to cut harder tiles like porcelain, you should use it. It can cut any tiles that are so hard. It is a must needed a cutting tool in case of cutting glass tiles. So, if you need to cut the hard tile, a wet saw is the right tool.

Now come to the point of how big your project is? If you compare the wet saw with the tile cutter, a wet saw is definitely the best option for a large project. Yes, it can cut tile smoother, easier, and faster and more precisely compared to the tile cutter.

Well, now let’s discuss some drawbacks of this wet saw. You should know its size is bulkier than the tile cutter. That is why it is not highly portable. At the same time, everyone cannot use the tool until they become skillful. You should learn how to use it before applying the tool in tile cutting purposes. These are all about the wet saw.

Tile Cutter

Tile cutter, what an excellent tile cutting tool it is! Surprised? Tell us why.

Definitely, a wet saw is a perfect tool for cutting tiles. That doesn’t mean men; the tile cutter is needless. Yes, it is. Now, let’s talk about the tile cutter.

A tile cutter is a tool that has a rail system on the rectangular base and a cutting head where a lever is attached. It is the physical structure of a tile cutter. It is affordable in price compared to the wet saw.

The tile cutter cuts a tile following two methods; scoring and snapping. Firstly glide the head for scoring and then push down to cut the tile. Just simple. It is very effective for soft tiles, not for the harder item. Always use the cutting tool for cutting only softer tiles. Never use this tool to cut the item tile like glass tile.

The tool is not heavy and not bulky also. That is the reason it is easy to carry. Moreover, it doesn’t use any electric power; that is why it is safe to use than the wet saw. And anybody can use the tool without having skills.

But the tool cannot be used for cutting curved tile. And it is also not suitable for a large project. It can be an excellent cutting tool for you if you just compromise a few things; hard tile, curved tile, and large project.

Do I Need Any Safety Measure?

Obviously! Why Not?

Safety is the thing that is needed everywhere and everywhere. If you compare tile cutter vs wet saw, you may ask which does require more safety. Well, we told you the tile cutter is not electrically powered. So, it is comparatively safe than the electrically powered wet saw. But be careful while you are cutting tile. Don’t place your hand under the tile that you are going to cut.

On the other hand, the wet saw requires safety measures. You should always run the tool more carefully, which runs on electricity. You should not handle the tool before getting an expert on it. And definitely, you should wear safety equipment before going to run the saw.

So, Which Should I Use for My Project; Wet Saw vs Tile Cutter

Now you know the answer. We’ve given enough information here that tells you about the best tool to use in your project. Nevertheless, we are going to summarize the entire content into a few lines.

Select the wet saw if you handle the large project and hard tiles. It lets you complete the task more precisely and faster, no matter if the tile is curved or straight.  Besides, a tile cutter is the best tool for cutting soft tile and small projects. But it doesn’t let you cut curved tile. Remember it.

So, wet saw vs tile cutter debate is solved now.

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