Here’s What People Are Saying About What Do I Need to Start Woodworking

Woodworking, such type of work it is, you will enjoy the job if you have learned well and have all the necessary woodworking tools and equipment. The question I heard a lot about how to start woodworking. I always tell learning and experimenting have no end in case of woodworking. Definitely, you can start woodworking after completing a level of learning.

Well, before start woodworking, you should have all the necessary tools and safety equipment. Without those, you shouldn’t start. Yes!

If you search, you will see many guides online where they are showing beginner woodworking tools and other equipment. I’m sure you will be confused after see them. That I why I write this guide to give a complete idea about what do I need to start woodworking.

The List What Do I Need To Start Woodworking

If you ask anyone, everybody tells you to won the woodworking hand tools list only. Those are also needed but not enough. You also agree with me just after a while. Tell me first, do you want something else than your safety. Not only you, nobody wants, but they don’t realize this before getting started woodworking. So, a complete list is mentioned below.

General Woodworking Tools for Beginner

I’ve enlisted here some general tools that are frequently used in any woodworking projects. Without the following tools, you will never think to start woodworking.

  • Screwdriver Set

An ideal screwdriver set usually contains a minimum of eight different sized screwdrivers. The screwdriver is the tool that you may need most of the woodworking projects. This set also becomes useful even though you are not a woodworker.

  • Hammer

Many advanced woodworking tools are available nowadays. But if you see back to the old days, the hammer was one of the most important tools. The necessity of a hammer is not needless now; rather, it is one kind of must-have tool.

  • Measurement Tape

I think you know the necessity of this thing. You don’t go a step ahead without this simple but most necessary thing. Just get a tape that is strong and has easy reading.

  • Levels

It is also a necessary basic thing that you need for the precision of your woodwork. I recommend purchasing two different sizes; 9″ and 24″. It is not costly also.

  • Rafter Angle

It is triangular in shape and very useful in woodworking. It allows you to draw straight lines and other demarcations on the wood. You can get this by expending a few amounts of money.

Woodworking Power Tools List

Power tools are the things that make your work very easier. In fact, no woodwork professional can think woodworking without these tools. If you want to make a list of power tools completely, the list will be very long. Here, I enlist some essential woodworking tools that you should have to start woodworking.


After going to the market, you will see you have two options. The drills are available in corded and cordless versions. You can ask me what should do you pick? Well, you can’t underestimate any model as both items give you advantages over other items. Just keep this thing in mind if you need to work in such a place where electric supply is not available, the cordless drill is ideal there.

You should also know if you purchase a power drill, you can also use that as a screwdriver. That means the power drill can do the work of a screwdriver.


A saw is a tool that is notable among the most used tools. Different types of saws are in the market, and the working type will say what type you need there. I suggest having a good quality saw. If the quality of the saw is not good, you cannot work smoothly, and the finishing will not be good. Usually, the following saws are widely used in woodworking projects.

  • Circular saw.
  • Table saw.
  • Hand saw.

Sanding Tool

A wood finishing tool is a must-have thing. Different types of finishing tools are widely available for woodworking. The orbital sander and belt sander are notable. If you need to work on a large project, a circular sander is ideal there. On the other hand, a belt sander is very useful for refinishing, smoothening, and fixing a tight door. As a woodworker, you should have both of them. So, get both tools.

  • Circular sander.
  • Belt sander.

Nail Gun

A nail gun is a tool that eases the job of a hammer. I’m not saying that you don’t need hammer completely, but if you won this tool, it allows inserting nails with a just press on the trigger. This tool becomes very useful while installing a plank wall, baseboards, etc. It doesn’t replace the need for a hammer completely; it is true, but it helps you a lot.

Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is the first thing that I recommend to purchase at very first. In my opinion, safety is the first that we should think about. Right? That is why I say “collect the safety equipment at first and then go for other necessary tools.” So, let’s have a look at the safety equipment that we should have.

  • Safety glasses or face shields.
  • Ear plugs.
  • Respirator or dust mask.
  • Hand glove.
  • Sharpening stone.

Don’t Forget About The Workbench

Most of the time, all woodworkers manage all tools, but they forget about the workbench. It is a must-have thing that you should have before starting your job. If you have an old table that becomes weak, I recommend investing some money building a new strong and good quality table to work on.

The End Line

Think, you have all the things that are mentioned here, but you don’t know woodworking! Can you start then? The answer is definitely no. Learning and experimenting is a different thing. You can experiment only after learning. So, learn woodworking first and then go for work with these tools. Don’t forget to wear safety equipment before start the woodwork. That’s all about what do I need to start woodworking.

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